Checking Positive Response

As an excavator, you’ll find that positive response is an important tool that allows each facility owner to communicate the status of a locate request directly with you, providing you with the additional information needed to work safely at the job site.

Checking positive response status

There are two ways to check positive response status:

  • Click the link included on the ticket in your confirmation email
  • Use Ticket Search to search for any ticket – there’s a button for Ticket Search on our homepage

If a facility owner participates in positive response, you’ll see their current status. If they do not participate by responding back to the notification center with a positive response, you’ll see “Does not report.”

Facility owner/locator status codes:

CODE 0: Not Yet Responded.
CODE 1: Clear/No Conflict.
CODE 2: Marked/Completed.
CODE 3: Marked – Utility Representative Required.
CODE 4: Work-in-Progress – Not Yet Completed.
CODE 5: Not Marked – Contact Locator ASAP.

Questions about positive response?

Please email the Kootenai County One Call notification center at and our team will answer your questions.

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