Excavator Ticket Management (ETM)

A comprehensive ticket management system that allows excavators to organize, manage and track locate requests.

Records Hosted and Displayed Online for Easy Access

Excavator Ticket Management (ETM) provides a single repository for all tickets associated with your company’s phone number. Tickets can be organized in a number of different ways, including date range, status and ticket number.

Upload, Update, Post

Upload file attachments to tickets, make excavator status updates and post comments for colleagues or general record keeping.

Stay Informed and Up-To-Date

Easily check the marking status of your tickets, review ticket and mapping information for accuracy and view multiple tickets in a geographic context.

Convenience and Flexibility

With ETM, excavators can file Advance tickets online and reprocess existing tickets (Remark, Update, Cancel, etc.). The Batch Process feature even allows for reprocessing multiple tickets simultaneously!

Real-Time Ticket Information Updates

Edits to tickets or active work areas, emergencies or any other information will update to the server every 3 minutes or less – keeping everyone informed, on the same page and up to speed.

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